Take a look at some of our recommended resources below.

Helpful Resources

We have taken the time to gather a number of helpful resources for your pet. Please feel free to call us for any other concerns you might have about your pet.

Grain-free Diets Raising Concern

Last week, a report came out on NBC following a warning from the FDA on grain-free diets. This report lists cases of cardiomyopathy (a serious heart condition) that have been linked to specific grain-free diets, and Zignature diets are on that list (68 cases so far in dogs that have been fed Zignature diets). With that in mind, we have removed all Zignature diets from our shelves and will no longer sell them. If your dog has been eating any grain-free diet exclusively (or as the large majority of its diet) and you are concerned about the possibility of cardiomyopathy, you may consider having a cardiac ultrasound performed. A link to the article follows.

Indoor Pet Initiative - Ohio State University

If you have indoor pets please take some time to click the link below and check out the information that Ohio State University has on their Indoor Pet Initiative page. This can be a great resource for keeping everyone in the home happy.

Dogs and Ticks

Tick populations are on the rise. This website provides information about the risks your pets are facing and what we as pet owners can do to protect them.

Adoptable Animals

Looking to add a new member to your family? Here are some quick links to view some of the areas cats and dogs in need of good homes.

Blue Ridge Humane Society

Henderson County Animal Shelter

Asheville Humane Society and Buncombe County Animal Shelter

Foothills Humane Society