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Geriatric Pet Care

As your trusted veterinary partner in Hendersonville, NC, we provide comprehensive and compassionate geriatric pet care to ensure your senior companions enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling life.

Senior dog laying on pet bed

Compassionate Geriatric Pet Care

At Hendersonville Veterinary Hospital, we recognize the distinct medical needs that come with the aging process in pets. Our approach to geriatric care is rooted in a deep understanding of the unique medical challenges that senior pets face. Just like humans, pets can develop age-related health issues, and our dedicated veterinary team is here to provide the specialized medical care required to keep them healthy and comfortable as they enter their senior years.

Regular wellness visits are important for every stage of your pet’s life, so don’t forget to keep your senior pet’s scheduled wellness appointments. The best way to help protect your pets as they age is to understand the aging process in animals. Even if your senior pet is already being treated for a medical condition, treatment recommendations can change as the condition progresses. Sometimes, medication dosages need to be adjusted, or medication may need to be changed. Routine wellness blood work and other routine diagnostic testing are important for senior pets. These tests allow us to evaluate how your pet’s health responds to current management strategies or changes with age.

Benefits for Your Geriatric Pet

  • Early Detection: Regular check-ups and diagnostic tests catch issues before they become severe.
  • Pain Management: We prioritize your pet’s comfort and mobility, enhancing their quality of life.
  • Nutrition for Vitality: Our dietary guidance ensures your pet receives the necessary nutrients.
  • Emotional Support: Aging can be emotionally challenging, and we’re here to support you and your pet.

At Hendersonville Veterinary Hospital, we believe in enhancing your pet’s golden years. Our commitment to their health, happiness, and longevity is unwavering. Join us in creating a lifetime of cherished memories with your senior companion.

Cutting-edge Diagnostics for Geriatric Pet Health

At Hendersonville Veterinary Hospital, we’re dedicated to the optimal medical care of your senior pet. We’ve invested in state-of-the-art diagnostic technology to address the unique health needs that come with age. Our commitment to geriatric pet health means we utilize advanced tools such as X-rays and ECGs to conduct thorough assessments.

These diagnostic capabilities allow us to identify potential health concerns in their early stages, ensuring timely intervention. In addition, our in-house laboratory equipment enables us to provide swift and accurate results. When more extensive analysis is required, we collaborate with external laboratories to ensure comprehensive care.

Your pet’s health is our paramount concern, and we go to great lengths to offer them the best geriatric medical care available. You can trust us to provide the cutting-edge diagnostics needed to support your pet’s well-being during their senior years.